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Womens Ministry

Join a group of women seeking Jesus.


We are mighty women who

  • Know our identity because of the work of Jesus Christ
  • Understand our worth, role and royalty as a woman created by God.
  • We love Jesus and our number one focus is to glorify HIM.

We are thrilled to get into the word of God

We are well versed and understand who God is, and his word is etched on our hearts, minds, homes, and families’ hearts.

The community refers to our ministry as extremely effective because

  • The focus is living and sharing the Gospel and the pursuing and using the Giftings
  • We love God with all our hearts, minds, souls and strength.
  • We love every person that walks into our church.
  • We are open handed with our resources.
  • We offer help that is meeting the actual need.
  • We are loving our families, each other and communities deeply and pursuing and using our gifts where we are planted.

We are bold Christian Communicators

  • We are intentional about sharing the gospel every opportunity we get.
  • We stand firm walking in Spirit and Truth.
  • We speak life into every person we come in contact with fanning into flame spiritual fervor.

We get together often to pray, retreat, encourage, and support each other.

  • Wives – Praying for Husbands, Supporting husbands, Pursuing Husbands
  • Mothers – Being aware of instilling and training our kids to know and love Jesus
  • Singles – Celebrating singleness and using our gifts for the purpose God has. Exploring and understanding dating in the culture. Singles connecting with godly singles
  • Regeneration Programs– Helping other women heal in all areas of trauma and emotional healing.
  • Healthy Living – Exercise programs and nutritional help
  • Fellowship – Movies, Small groups with couples, double dating, adventure days
  • Pregnancy Center Volunteer – Encouraging new mamas and throwing showers.
  • Prison Ministry – Visiting Prisoners, sharing Jesus. Loving on them.
  • Board Trafficking Victims

We know the testimony of Jesus Christ in detail, and are well aware and have a testimony of our own that we consistently share with all who need to hear it to teach others to overcome.

We have an overcomer mind-set that is always praying and carrying the torch for revival, knowing it starts with us individually.

We have a ministry full of “Paul”ines and “Tim”othinas.

We are mentoring and being mentored by others because we constantly share wisdom and disciple one another. We have teachable hearts.  We have at least 5 or more spiritual grandchildren (from a discipleship standpoint). We follow the Holy Spirit in intentionally allowing Him to lead us into relationships where we are either being mentored or mentoring others. We teach how to mentor and have teachable hearts.

We understand our priorities and have them in the correct order.

We are cognizant of thinking through and ensuring we are keeping those priorities in order by saying no sometimes, unapologetically and accepting with excitement, keeping God’s vision in focus. 

We are prayer warriors

We take focused time to pray for


We have a strong healing and deliverance ministry

Ministering to all who need it and training up more women in this. 

We worship together

We have a program that helps identify each other’s and new believer’s gifting

We pray and have resources to allow women to rotate in different types of the ministries to explore gifts.

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